In BIS2091 IS-Project, students must apply knowledge and skills they have acquired in the first three semesters of their studies to a specific, real-world problem in the field of business information systems / digital business solutions. The scope and complexity of the task are tailored to the team size. The projects are often carried out in close cooperation with companies in the region leading to qualified results that benefit the local economy.

Outline of the Course

The module imparts current, complex, and practical tasks from areas of business information systems/ business digitization, e. g. in the areas of planning, development and introduction of business information systems. In addition to the application and consolidation of knowledge, the module primarily serves the acquisition of instrumental, systemic and communicative competencies. After having successfully completed this course, the students will be able to:

  • identify and structure operational problems in the use of information system
  • design and implement creative solutions for the successful use of information systems and for the optimization of business processes
  • realize a given project goal in cooperation with other fellow students within a given time frame
  • organize the work in the team independently